best Diploma in Sports Nutrition & Fitness Expert course

Diploma in Sports Nutrition & Fitness Expert

Ibis Institute of Fitness Studies has developed many of the most successful personal trainers in the fitness industry. Our IACET-accredited personal trainer certification provides you with the most scientifically accurate information, all delivered in Physical & Virtual Formats.

Why you need to be Certified Sports Nutritionist & Fitness Expert?

Gain the knowledge to prevent injuries to your clients

Gain authenticity & Be respected in the Fitness Industry

Earn a Fortune & Celebrate life by Pursuing your Passion

How to Get Certified ?

Join Ibis & Attend 52 days Intensive Course

Learn Anatomy & Physiology, Client motivation Strategies, Health and Safety, Exercise Principles, Workout Postures, Client Workout programming, etc.

Get Personalized Guidance on Assessments and Complete the same

Clear the tests, Get Certified. Start your Fabulous Fitness Journey.

Join Now !

    What you will Learn ?

    • Course Duration – 45 working days (135 Hours)
    • Class Schedule – Monday to Saturday, 3 hours per day
    • Certificates Issued
      • (1) Diploma in Sports Nutrition Certificate with 13.5 IACET CEUs
      • (2) Diploma in Nutrition Certificate Issued by SPEFL – SC

    Learners can describe the structure of cells & various tissues organs of the body, regulation of the body functions, factors affecting immunity, metabolic & hemodynamic continua, (1) Anaerobic production & ATP (2) Aerobic production & ATP, the Cardiorespiratory System thermoregulation

    Learners can interpret and apply how body composition influence the sports performance, various methodologies for   body composition assessment, the principles for altering body composition & weight, macronutrient requirements for sport, essential micronutrients, competition based strategies to optimize performance, hydration & electrolyte balance, the planning of nutrition in various environments, as well as describe the roles & responsibilities of a Sports Dietician

    Learners can calculate nutritional loss depending upon cooking techniques used

    • Learners can discuss causes of food borne illness, preventing food borne illness, food shortage temperature & procedures, and need for workplace sanitation.
    • Learners can develop a food safety plan

    Learners can discuss mechanical nutritional, physiological & pharmacological aids, concepts of carbo loading, creatine, carnitine, amino acids, bicarbonate loading, altitude training, blood doping, erythropoietin, human growth hormone, caffeine & anabolic Steroids

    Certificates Issued

    Diploma in Sports Nutrition Certificate with 13.5 IACET CEUs

    Diploma in Nutrition Certificate Issued by SPEFL – SC

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