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The aim of this press release is to outline the current CIMSPA and Ibis Educational Services position and resolve any misunderstanding to students. Ibis Educational Services is currently under a partnership suspension by CIMSPA following an investigation into a breach of the CIMSPA Partner Code of Conduct points, 3.2 and 4.1 by Ibis Educational Services. As part of the investigation, CIMSPA has issued remedial actions which Ibis Educational Services are required to comply with and complete, in order for Training Provider Partnership to be re-instated. All Ibis Educational Services certificates issued with the CIMSPA logo on it, will be recalled and a certificate with new design approved by CIMSPA, will be re-issued in due course to all eligible learners. Any ongoing courses or training delivered by Ibis Educational Services, is not currently recognised by CIMSPA as entry into membership, nor continuous professional development. The certificates issued, do not allow entry into CIMSPA membership or portability in the UK. Please note that this press release is not relevant to any other course/s conducted by Ibis under other accreditations. This press release has been approved by CIMSPA prior to publication.
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