Common Misconceptions


Many fitness aspirants have a misconception that diploma programme must span for atleast 6months time inorder to have a credibility for the certificate. As per the international guidelines and standards, the most important thing in a diploma programme is the quality of lectures and not the number of sub standard lecture hours attended by the candidate. A highly innovative teaching methodology adopted by ibis is recognised worldwide as a mark of quality and the REPS India approved that Diploma in Personal Training programme at ibis can be completed successfully with in just 50 days time.


Claiming international tie ups for certification body. In order to claim to be an international certification body, it should primarily be located outside India and has its customers spread across the globe. Also the credibility of such international Certification bodies should be checked by checking the list of other organizations accredited by that body. There are innumerable fake certifications available in our country(both domestic and international) that awards certificate in personal training without even attending the classes. Students should refrain from pursuing courses run by such kind of fake certification bodies as they don’t carry any weightage in our Country and abroad too.


Fitness aspirants are often confused by the name REPS India and EREPS. Both are entirely different organisations and EREPS has nothing to do with REPS India certificate. REPS India is a member of ICREPS and that makes the certificate portable across the globe. This is a unique feature of ICREPS member country certificate providers(Ex; REPS India, REPS UAE, REPS Australia, REPS UK, REPS South Africa etc) and currently no other fitness training providers possess the facility to port the certificate. Portability implies that a student member of REPS India can port his certificate to any other ICREPS member country registry and start working there at no additional cost.

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