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REPS India is a member country of ICREPS. REPS stands for Register For Exercise Professionals. By gaining membership in REPS India registry, a fitness aspirant is officially transformed to an accepted personal trainer in 7 countries including UAE, UK, Australia, Ireland, Poland, New Zealand, South Africa and India. There by eligibility and legal requirements to work as a personal trainer is met through REPS India membership. REPS India membership can be achieved through 50 days intense training programme at ibis.

EREPS and REPS India are entirely different organizations. REPS India membership can only be achieved through a REPS India approved training provider like ibis.

Eligibility to be a part of REPS India training programme is that the candidate should be above 18 years of age. The quality training from ibis to gain REPS India membership won’t be denied to anyone based on sex, gender, educational qualification, experience, caste etc. as per our anti-discrimination policy. Gaining any other certification (Ex: ACE, ISSA, EREPS, ACSM etc.), online or offline is not at all a criteria to bypass the training programme and assessments mandatory to obtain REPS India membership.

The unique advantage of REPS India membership is the portability of the certificate to its member countries. REPS UAE is a member of ICREPS like REPS India. Any candidate who have managed to secure the membership in any of the ICREPS member country chapters can port their certificate to which ever country of their interest where there exist an ICREPS member country REPS chapter. Countries like UAE, UK, Australia etc are very strict in their approach and securing the REPS membership is very essential to work in those countries as a personal trainer.

Ibis is the ultimate word for quality in the field of education. Ibis is the only Accredited Provider of IACET,USA in India and operating under ANSI/IACET standards. Beyond gaining the REPS membership, a candidate is given ultimate exposure to a training quality at par with international standards. Ibis has a unique training style created by a group of renowned fitness professionals that completes the course curriculum of REPS India in 50 days intense training. Ibis is the only accredited training provider in India under REPS India that could complete the REPS India syllabus in 50 days time, under ANSI/IACET standards.

ICREPS is the parent organization of which 10 countries including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, Poland, New Zealand, UAE and India have its own REPS chapters. A student gaining his/her REPS membership from any of these respective chapters can port their membership between these countries except USA and Canada.

Contact your nearest ibis branch. Enroll for the REPS India approved Diploma in Personal Training (DPT) programme. Attend the 50 days of intense training programme by the fitness experts of ibis team, under ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards. Successfully complete the assessments. Gain the REPS India membership, Diploma in Personal Training certificate from IACET, USA accredited provider and also NSQF level 4 certificate provided by sports sector skill council of India.

REPS India has got a continuous evaluation system in place and hence assessments will keep on happening in the due course of the programme. Training and assessment will jointly require 50 working days. How ever NSQF level 4 examination is conducted by an external third party organization and the time it takes can vary depending on the availability of the assessor or probable technical glitches in the process. The candidate can secure the REPS India membership only after successful completion of NSQF level 4 exam.

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