Global Diploma in Personal Training

with 12 Certificates

  • Course duration – 50 working days
  • Theory hours – 90 hours
  • Practical sessions – 110 hours
  • Class schedule – Monday to Saturday, 4 hours per day

  • Learners can employ different energy systems in the body.
  • Learners can employ the general principals of healthy eating
  • Learners can develop a healthy eating plan

  • Learner can prepare feedbacks to the clients after the screening and assessment.
  • The learner can choose how to perform the fitness test, perform the test, knows about his strength and weaknesses.
  • Learner can analyze the client better by working with them, is able to do better assessment of the client.
  • Learner can discuss about different theories and models of behavior change
  • Learner can ensure customer satisfaction by dealing with their client complaints

Learners can employ the science of various body movements and can apply the principles of biomechanism to program design

The learner can discuss Health and safety Policies and procedures and prepare and respond to emergency situations.

  • Learner can construct program cards, 6-week plan, using different methods of training.
  • Learner can employ different workouts, with the right intensity level for the clients, and provide feedback to the clients

Certificates Issued

Ibis CPT Certificate with 20 IACET CEUs

Ibis – IACET Transcript

NSQF Level 5 Personal Trainer


REPS India Membership Card



REPS India Membership Certificate

DPT Certificate from PD Approval (UK)

Level 3 Gym Instructing and Personal Training from Active IQ

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