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There are two things that matters while you work in a fitness industry, your knowledge, and your certification. Knowledge can only be gained from a classroom session. Hence an online programme in fitness is not preferred.

Times are changing. Customers have started enquiring about the certification their personal trainers have. Knowledge matters a lot but only with a reliable certification in fitness you will be able to get recognized

No valuable offline certification programmes exist in India. It is the very same reason American diploma in fitness is gaining prominence in fitness industry across the globe. American diploma in personal training would be a good start to your career.

The unique advantage of REPS India membership is the portability of the certificate to its member countries. REPS UAE is a member of ICREPS like REPS India. Any candidate who have managed to secure the membership in any of the ICREPS member country chapters can port their certificate to which ever country of their interest where there exist an ICREPS member country REPS chapter. Countries like UAE, UK, Australia etc are very strict in their approach and securing the REPS membership is very essential to work in those countries as a personal trainer.

In the Indian context, government do not insist for any particular certification for fitness trainers. So, don’t opt for any certification that demands renewal fee every year. American diploma with lifelong validity will be the best option. All other online as well as offline programmes do charge for renewing the membership. Even though course fee is cheap for online programmes, yearly renewal fee will be exorbitant.

American diploma from ibis is a life long valid certificate. Fitness professionals often pay huge amount to recertify them annually if they go for other programmes. If you don’t renew, then your recognition is lost. But with American diploma from ibis, you can proudly say through out your life that you are an American diploma holder in fitness studies. Many prestigious universities and colleges in USA accept the certificate if a student apply for their further studies.

It depends up on where you have planned to set up your career. If it is in USA, American diploma will be the best option. But in UAE market, REPS has got more penetration. If it is in India, American diploma will be a better choice since no renewal fee is required annually and it is accepted by many renowned US universities too. Since we have a full fledge team of course counsellors, get an appointment at the earliest to understand how to build your career in the fitness industry and gain global acceptance.

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