Career Benefits

Career Benefits

Multiple certifications in one programme

Educational institutions will be focused on a particular certification. Even if they offer additional programmes, additional course fee will be charged. It is the first time in the fitness education sector, an institution provides certificates from different organizations across the world after the completion of a single 52 days programme.

Transferability of ibis certificate to US Universities

The US diploma certificate issued by ibis fitness is recognized and accepted by many US universities and transfer of credit points will be given if any US diploma holder of ibis wish to study at USA. This is the utmost level of recognition and honor an Indian educational institution can receive.

Zero renewal fees

All the fitness courses, both online and offline require renewal courses to be done on a yearly basis. This involves huge cost, and many students find this difficult to afford. The American diploma in fitness by Ibis fitness helps you to gain excellent subject knowledge and award you a lifelong valid certificate. You remain as an American diploma holder in fitness throughout your life without paying any recertification/renewal fees.

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